The Tassie Cabin

Click here to a walk through of the latest "Tassie".

Click here to a "Tassie" Cabin constructed with time lapse camera.

The Tassie


The Tassie is a two bedroom Granny Flat and comes in 70m thick solid timber. Scroll down for plans and prices.

All cabin life cabins come with : Dual action tilt and turn windows, solid beautiful timber floors, base kit and extra roofing rafters for strength and stability.

Suggested uses : Guest House, B&B Accomodation, Granny Flat, Week Ender, Island House, Nanny's quaters, beach house, Bush Getaway, Farm Stay, Surf Camp, Summer Camp or Boot Camp.



This cabin comes as kit only. Kitchen, bathroom, electrical and other items are not included in kit price.

The Kitchen and Bathroom PC Items are sold separately and pictured here as examples only.


Scroll Down for Specs and Pricing for the 8.67 x 5.8m The Tassie Cabin including verandah.


         70            580x867cm   50.28m2        114.67m3       3196mm     2176mm    
                                             59.33m2      155.05m3
     300mm         300mm        300/300mm    1933x827  1933x827                                                                                                             1x              2x    
    1374x916     916x916      1190x702         19.7°
        2x               3x              1x