Keith - 11 Dec 2012

We had a call from some fantastic people who needed a spare room for their eldest son who was thinking about moving out as the house was not going to be big enough. The son wanted to save for a deposit to buy his own home but when you are paying $350 per week rent it is very hard to save.


Thats when they saw our Cabin Life add in the Tweed Weekly and gave us a call. By the following week we had a 20m2 studio spare room built and ready to move in and it only cost them $11,990 for the Kit.


Now they have a very stylish spare room which will add value to their home and in the not too distant future our clients may set that room up as a granny flat which, with council approval, could be rented out at somewhere between $150 to $180 per week depending on your locality.


It just makes good sense.



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Keith - 26 Nov 2012
Room to Spare



At Cabin Life we have a way of thinking that is catching on. It is called living with in our means and learning to appreciate the freedom that simple living gives you.


Australia is heading for a change and it seems that we are starting to head back to the simple life. A life where your back yard is a place to grow your own fruit and veges and a water tank is a must. A place where we don\'t all have to have our own media room and in fact it is more fun to go to the cinema and meet with freinds.


More and more we see local farmers markets opening up and we find ourselves heading towards the local freshly grown produce and steering away from the dominating ways of our once trusted super markets. It seems we have finally had enough of the now society with it\'s industrial disease and presevatives and the increasing expenses of day to day living. Bigger is not always better and being able to comfortably afford a way of life that is not always stressful could save your life and sanity.





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SysAdmin - 11 Sep 2012
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