Deluxe Cabin Kit

DIY or we can construct for you.



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Click here to see another "Deluxe Cabin"







This cabin comes as kit only. Kitchen, bathroom, electrical and other items are not included in kit price.

 The Kitchen and Bathroom PC Items are sold separately and pictured here as examples only.


Currently on special 70mm timber model was $31,990 now on super special until 30th June 2019 only $29,990 (Kit only)



Cabin Kit only 9m x 5m = 45m2 
BathroomWith swinging doorYes
Floor BearersH3 treated, resistant to moisture and termitesYes
WallsCut to size, 44mm T&G Timber ready to AssembleYes
Flooring28mm T&G Solid Timber FlooringYes
Roof Beams48mm x 140mm Full spanYes
Roof21mm Timber(Colour Bond optional extra)Yes
Windows5 large "Double Glazed" Timber windows plus smaller window for the bathroom.Yes
Front DoorDouble half glass French Door with double glaze glass panels, handles and locksYes
Verandah28mm Solid treated timber floor with verandah rails as per photo.Yes
PlansEasy to follow plans 
Total Value$21,990 in 44mm solid timber or $24,990 in 70mm thick solid timber. 



DeliveryDelivery Price Depends on location 
Steel Posts800mm 75x75 Galvanized Steel posts$1200
Timber Posts125mm Treated pine postsIncluded
RoofingColour Bond sheets and ridge capping with batons$1800
Insulation55mm sisolation roofing blanket between the ceiling and roof.$450
DIYIf you have had reasonable experience in DIY projects then our cabin kits are very straight forward and easy to assemble. If your kit does require council approval then you can DIY as a licensed owner builder or enlist the help of a local registered carpenter or Builder. 
Constructionin 70mm timber from.TBA
Base KitsBase kits can vary in price due to site specifications, soil test and site specific engineering.