Holiday Cabin

Cottage/cabin vacationing evokes memories back to simpler times when families rented a cabin by the lake for the summer. If you experienced that in your childhood…imagine
your own Cabin life cabin having a place to share with family and friends to holiday,
a place to relax and unwind and to have fun.


Renting the cabin is an economical choice for holiday letting when you are not using it.
Your holiday home is your “home away from home” with all the conveniences.
Cooking, BBQ, movies,relaxing, at the beach, swimming in the lake, or bush
walking.  Why not experience your childhood again…and introduce cottage holidaying to your children!


The Holiday Life Cabin is affordable and easy to construct. If you have your own block of land, whether it is at the beach or in the bush our cabins can give you a life of
simplicity and old fashion outdoor fun.

The cabin can be as simple or as lavish as you like. The beautiful timber cottage has a
racked ceiling, French doors & windows, plus verandah (optional extra). They vary in size, so give us a call to discuss the right size for you.


Suggested cabins :