The Product



Classic Building System


Walls :


Our Interlocking building system is not a new idea. Infact the Europeans have been building log cabins this way for decades. The well machined solid tongue and groove timbers slot together firmly to create a tight wheather proof seal and the "classic notch" timber corners give the building great strenth and durability. This also means that there is no need for epensive internal linings such as gyprock as the tongue and groove timber joins very neatly into the internal corners giving you a a quality finished product which you can stain and seal to keep the natural timber appearence or you could paint the inside and give it your own personal touch.


Roof Joists :


The log cabin is constructed by using 120 x 45mm thick roof beams which not only provide a solid roof they also look great too.





This type of building is proven to stand the tests of time. Many Classic Timber buildings stand as a testament to the ever lasting durability of this traditional log cabin syle of construction. Of course all Timber must be sealed with a good quality exterior finish to preserve the quality of the timber.


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