Eco Cabin

The Europeans have been living like this for years; tiny houses and sustainable
living are the way of the future. The rest of the world has joined the tiny
house movement and down sized the average home and adopted this type of


Now it is time for Australia to catch on to a new wave of an eco-friendly energy saving
way of life. With the Eco Cabin, compact housing comes down to a  good
lay out, storage and an efficient usage of space. Ask us about how best
to fit out the eco cabin.


The Eco Cabin can be set up with a small 12 volt solar system starting from around $3,000.
This will be enough to run a small fridge, Fresh water Tank pump and your LED
lights. We suggest a small continuous flow gas hot water system for hot water
and gas for a cooker. Use a tin roof for water collection and install a compost
toilet and  the Eco Cabin can be set up just about anywhere. (Yes they make TV’s that run on 12 volts).